With a team of over 400 individuals, a 500 strong fleet of state-of-the-art equipment and an in-house engineering arm, TEE Infrastructure's Environmental business pushes the boundaries of technology as one of the most efficient, accessible and advanced waste management providers in Singapore.

Environmental Capabilities

Collection & Transportation of Waste

Strong fleet of waste haulage vehicles and equipment such as rear-end-loaders, compactors and open-top-containers. This is carried out by TEE Environmental.

Material Recovery & Recyclables Processing

Recyclables are collected, recovered and sorted before being processed at our Materials Recovery Facilities (MRF) located in Tuas.

Cleaning Services

Provision of various cleaning solutions including carpet shampooing and fabric upholstery to various settings such as conservancy, commercial, warehouses, pre-schools, kitchens as well as events.

Waste Equipment & Engineering

Accredited inspection body with the capability to audit, certify & assess vehicle & equipment safety.

On-site & Off-site Waste Management

Audits, comprehensive reporting and analysis for Government, Institutional, Residential, Commercial & Industrial buildings.