How we empower positive change.

At TEE Infrastructure, we are committed to using our capabilities to encourage and enhance sustainability while enabling communities around the world to live better.

Sustainability is an integral part of our business philosophy. Great emphasis is placed on adopting the best sustainability practices throughout the organisation, as illustrated through how projects are responsibly secured, managed and delivered while building strong relationships with our various stakeholders – our business associates, customers, suppliers and communities.

Empowering Society

At TEE Infrastructure, we strive to create a societal impact through a wide range of initiatives that benefit local communities such as technical skills training, assistance to children’s education and health.

We encourage the spirit of volunteerism amongst our employees through active participation in community projects that help nurture the environment. Initiatives such as the mangrove forest planting in Samutprakarn Province and the dredging of Hua Lum Pu canal in Thailand that allows treated water to be drained out to sea demonstrate the social impact we are committed to making.

Leading sustainability

TEE Infrastructure implements green initiatives to protect and sustain the environment. We conduct our business compliantly with environmental laws and collaborate with partners as advocates for environmental sustainability.

As a leading environmental services provider, we take steps to ensure our business benefits the community and take responsibility to educate our network of clients through creating awareness. We actively participate in events and workshops, as well as support related causes pertaining to our projects such as collaborating with a university in the Philippines to relocate corals away from our power plant.

Additionally, we are working towards a zero-emission electric/hybrid waste collection fleet, as well as decreasing our landfill contribution through an enhanced material recovery system.

Supporting economies

By creating jobs and developing employees to reach their fullest potential, we help contribute to the local economies we operate in.

Our comprehensive approach to skills development involves training workshops ranging from financial reporting, risk management and leadership programmes, to construction supervision as well as machinery and technical skills.