Building our capabilities. Building a better world.

With a team of over 400 individuals, a 500 strong fleet of state-of-the-art equipment and an in-house engineering arm, TEE Infrastructure's Environmental business pushes the boundaries of technology as one of the most efficient, accessible and advanced waste management providers in Singapore.

Our services include:

On-site & off-site waste management
Audits, comprehensive reporting and analysis for Government, Institutional, Residential, Commercial & Industrial buildings.

Collection and transportation
Rear-end-loader/Compactor/Open-top-container/Pneumatic waste Haulage vehicles and equipment.

Recyclables processing
Recyclables collection, recovery, sorting and processing at our Materials Recovery Facilities (MRF).

Food waste management
Collection of Food by-products, solid and liquid wastes from agriculture, manufacturing, food and drink processing. Waste treatment via: Anaerobic Digestion Facilities & Composting.

Cleaning Services
Provide various cleaning solutions including carpet shampooing and fabric upholstery to various settings such as conservancy, commercial, warehouses, pre-schools, kitchens as well as events.

Medical/Biohazardous Waste Treatment and Disposal
Collection of biohazardous, cytotoxic, radioactive, sharps and pharmaceutical waste from hospitals, nursing homes, general practitioners and pharmaceutical firms, as well as treatment via extreme high temperature (excess of 1000°C) to incinerate the medical waste.


TEE Infrastructure's Power business strives to provide green energy alternatives, empowering people to make their own energy choices.

Solar Photovoltaic Systems
Our growing solar arm leverages on our group’s complementary integrated engineering expertise to deliver a full suite of engineering, procurement, construction, operations and maintenance solutions. Our solar leasing attractively comes with no upfront costs to position our offer with a cost advantage.

25 Megawatt Thermal Hybrid Power Plant
TEE Infrastructure Power projects include a 21.1% stake in a 25 Megawatt Thermal Hybrid Power Plant in the Philippines, which is embedded in the cement plant of the Lafarge Group, a world leader in building materials production. The facility provides power to Illigan City and is a strategic alliance of strong local and international partners including Nippon Koei, Japan’s number one engineering firm listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

TEE Infrastructure's Water business was established to meet demands of comprehensive sustainable water treatment solutions throughout the Asia Pacific region.

TEE Infrastructure owns a 49% stake in Global Environment Technology Co. Limited (GETCO), one of Thailand’s largest wastewater treatment companies that has a total capacity of 350 million litres per day, serving commercial, industrial, business and residential communities.

GETCO, a leading player in Thailand, owns a wastewater treatment plant in Bang Poo, Thailand, and operates the aforementioned plant alongside Bangkok’s first state-of-the-art underground wastewater treatment plant in Bang Sue.

Through GETCO, TEE Infrastructure boasts the following capabilities:

Engineering, Procurement & Construction
Detailed engineering design, procure necessary equipment and materials and construct to deliver fully functioning wastewater plant.

Operations & Maintenance
Technical, operation and maintenance support services.